Your product in the Magicline

With the help of the Open API (the open interface), you can connect your product directly to the Magicline and thus reach gyms and their members via the Marketplace. To use the interface, you can apply for a free Open SPACE partnership.
As a partner of Open SPACE, you also become part of a unique community with access to new markets and customers.

These are your advantages:


  • Technical integration to the Magicline via Open API
  • Optimized data exchange
  • Presentation of your service on the Marketplace


  • Develop new marketing channels through Open SPACE
  • Promote your products and services through our newsletters and social media channels
  • Exclusive events for industry partners and studio owners


  • Be part of a unique community in the fitness industry
  • Show everyone how you move the fitness industry forward
  • Take the opportunity to interact directly with studios and the industry

Integrate your product into the Magicline

As a partner of Open SPACE, you are part of a unique community with access to new markets and customers, supported by the technical connection to the Magicline.

We will continue as follows

  • Let's talk

    It all starts with a conversation in which we agree on the contractual basis and possible use cases.

  • Development

    You get access to all relevant data via our Open API. You can then start with the development of your integration.

  • Go-live

    As soon as the integration is available, we will inform our customers about the release, all benefits, and features.

Open SPACE wird Teil der
Magicline Open Platform

Der Open SPACE als Content- und Wissensplattform wird ab sofort Teil der Magicline Open Platform. Events, Partnerbereiche und die Mediathek findet ihr in Zukunft ausschließlich unter

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